Inside Voice: Alicia

Alicia’s style was very interesting. She had this subtle, smooth criminal lean with every move she made.  And she was very fluid—there wasn’t a stiff bone in her body. We didn’t have any music and the park was dead silent so in addition to being able to watch her dance, I could hear ever move she made. The swishing of her nylon jacket and the sizzling of her boots against the bench as they crushed little bits of debris; the sounds were very intoxicating. Almost as intoxicating as her dance moves. The pops, twists and turns—I’m sure they were perfect examples of Afro-Latin-Funk. Even if they aren’t, they looked great.

Subject: Alicia Lafranchi
Location: Washington Square Park
Date: December 11th 2015

One thought on “Inside Voice: Alicia

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